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  Bale Press
  Specially designed for delinting plant sturdy, simple to operation & operator friendly. Less maintenance & rated output PLC control electrical panel board for operational simplicity.

The power pack will be placed by the side of press. The power pack will be designed with latest trends in hydraulic machines to give troub, free service. Low power consumption and compact size are the main features of our hydraulic system. It will be suitably design to operate the press by push buttons.

The power pack will be complete with high pressure plunger pump and low pressure vane pump mounted inside oil tank also heat exchanger is attached to body incase oil cooling is necessary.


The press frame is fabricated from quality steel plates. The sturdy all welded frame assure minimum frame deflection under minimum load condition, resulting in uniform load over the entire bale area.

The cylinder is made out of carbon steel seamless pipe, big phosphor Bronze bush is used to guide piston rod. The piston rod is made of alloy steel, machined ground hard chrome plated and buffed for it's longer life. Chevron packing are used to prevent leakage over piston rod to practically zero. due to super surface finish provided to piston rod and cylinder, the life of chevron packing is more than normal service life. Fully automatic easy operation.

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Bale Press

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