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  Rotary Boll and Sand Cleaner
  This machine separates unginned cotton bolls. Long Jute Twigs (sutly) & plastics threads, big leaves / impurities & also separates fine sand for improving seed cleaning working. This new concept is simple & efficient working for separating bolls / impurities& fine sand. This improves seed cleaning efficiency & minimize choking of trays.

This machine fabricated from heavyduty steel frame, drum having perforation lining with spiral blade for material movement & separation.

Seed separates from the drum pass through conveyor having perforation through for separating the fine sand & pre cleaned cottonseed will be carried to silo/ seed cleaner.


  • This Rotary Seed Cleaner is very useful where unginned cotton, jute twigs, plasticthreads, leaves etc, are coming with cottonseed affecting efficiency of seed cleaner& also plant operation.
  • The Frame having brush attachment and this does periodical cleaning and separate bolls which are attached to drum screens.
  • The Inspection Windows are installed to observe the flow of material and Drum Cleaning.This Rotary seed cleaner to be installed in the beginning for pre cleaning cottonseed & then feed to cottonseed processing plant.
  • The pre cleaned seed from conveyor carried to CSP plant & sand separted can be collected below dust conveyor.

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Rotory Send & Boll Reel Machine

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