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  Lint Cleaner
  Utilizing 'Laminar Flow' cleaning, for the highest recovery of quality lint in the industry. Extra large capacity reclaim section for high secondary lint recovery. Beater screens mounted in easy-pull trays for quick change and ease of maintenance.

Clean rugged design with heavy structural construction for smooth operation. .

Total control of bran, meats and other oily by-products removed from lint stream. Advanced powdered metal finish for easy clean-up and long lasting appeal.

  The Cantrell 7 Stage Lint Cleaner Will Provide The Highest Capacity And Recovery Of Lint On The Market Today, While Maintaining The Highest Lint Quality Available. Laminar Flow Cleaning Gently Fluffs The Lint While Removing The Contaminates With Little Or No Damage To Fiber.

Large Pepper And Bran Section Eliminates Oil, Meats, And Hull Bran Early To Keep Oil Absorption And Discoloration In Finished Lint To A Minimum.

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Lint Cleaner

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