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  The performance of your lint room is critical to maintaining quality lint at the highest capacity obtainable.

Nothing co ntrols your lint quality and capacity as a good sharp saw tooth, and nothing controls a good sharp saw tooth as your precision saw filer. So it stands to reason that you want the best saw filer obtainable for your operation.

Well here it is!

Unmatched for precision and performance in maintaining quality uniform teeth, throughout the life of your saws. Completely automatic saw filer with machine tool accuracy. Ruggedly built for smooth operation and reliability. Completely interchangeable parts for low maintenance and service ease.

  The Cantrell 176 & 200 Saw Filer Maintains Saws In Perfect Condition At All Times. The Cantrell Saw Filer Has Machine Tool Precision That Will Cut In And Maintain A Good Tooth Profile Throughout The Life Of The Saws. Cottor / Cantrell Has Developed Many Improvements To The Saw Sharpening Process Including A Brand New "Engineered" Saw File. The New Saw File Combined With The New Saw Filer Creates An Enhanced Tooth Profile That Promotes Higher Delinting Capacities.

The Saw Filer Is Designed To Provide Extra Long Life While Maintaining Quality And Consistency Never Before Achieved

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