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  Cantrell Worldwide Inc. - History
Cantrell Worldwide Inc., is like an oak tree. Our roots are deep and broad and our customer’s continue to benefit from the knowledge, experience and dedication of the founding families: Chandler, Bauer, and Cantrell.
Our heritage begins in 1875 when the Chandler Company was founded by brother’s Joe and Clarance Chandler in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. In the beginning, the Chandler’s made boiler plates for the burgeoning post civil war industrial revolution. Then, in 1910, Clarance invented a new type cottonseed huller for the use in the oilseed industry.

This huller was such a unique innovation that another company, Bauer, commissioned Chandler to manufacture hullers under the Bauer name. Chandler became known throughout the world for this invention and improved versions continue in use today.
The Bauer Brothers Company was founded in 1878 in Springfield, Ohio, as a manufacturer of hull beaters, shakers, meal grinders, and separators…. They furnished every machine for the cottonseed industry – with the exception of a huller.
For a century, Chandler and Bauer manufactured and installed the equipment for entire cottonseed processing lines. The Bauer philosophy was, “ if you manufacture one machine for a customer, manufacture the entire processing line. Cantrell continues to carry on that very philosophy today with our own improved and modern complete processing line for not only cottonseed, but soybean, sunflower, peanuts, and numerous other oilseeds as well. Cantrell serves not only the vegetable oil industry, but the up and coming Biodeisel and Biofuels industry as well.
In 1997 Cantrell International was acquired by A.C. Horn & Co., of Dallas, TX. Horn offered customers conveying and custom sheet metal fabrication. During the next 10 years time was spent modernizing, redesigning and improving the heretofore most efficient and advanced machinery line in the market.
In 2007 the complete processing line of machinery, engineering, service and repair parts divisions were purchased by Cantrell Worldwide Inc., of Dallas, TX. This expanded Company will continue to provide the most technologically advanced knowledge in the processing industry thus far. Expect the most efficient and cost effective machinery ever seen in the industry to date. We will continue to offer experience, service, and repair parts for the Oilseed Industry.
As we continue to move forward, we feel that our founders would be proud of how the ‘new’ Cantrell Worldwide has evolved. Our experience, honesty and knowledge continue to meet the challenges of an expanded, worldwide economy structured to the global processing industry.